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Peter Strzok Rips The Heart Out Of The GOP’s FBI Attacks

Former FBI Chief of the Counterespionage Section Peter Strzok said that Republicans never once complained about Gestapo tactics during the Clinton email investigation.


Strzok told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “With a team of about 20 people, I spent a year and a half working on Hillary Clinton’s email server. Where we executed multiple search warrants. I never heard one Republican once raise a finger talking about how we were using Gestapo tactics or overreaching. From the Democrats behaving like responsible American citizens, letting the FBI do its job, and that’s what the Republicans need to do here.”

Strzok made it clear that Republicans are radicalizing their supporters and doing the opposite of what is necessary to avoid violence, but it is important to remember that Republicans didn’t say a peep about the FBI overreaching when the target was the Democratic presidential nominee.

Republicans were the FBI’s biggest fans and ran around chanting, “lock her up.”

However, when the same FBI serves a warrant on Donald Trump, Republicans start screaming about civil war, overreach, Nazis,  and planted evidence.

Democrats behave like honorable citizens and patriots. Republicans have been radicalized under Trump to believe that violence against law enforcement is an appropriate response to a search warrant, which makes Republicans more like a terror cell than a political party.



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