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10 Best Quotes That Are Also Real Life Advice

As the last and final installment of the franchise, Legacies has come to an end, The Vampire Diaries Universe has finally been completed. The Originals was the most mature out of the three as it was exploring much darker themes than the other series. A big part of what made The Originals so successful was how well-written and intelligent its characters were.

There were several occasions in the show where the characters’ wise words hit a bit too close to home as they could easily apply to everyday situations in real life. And who better to take advice from than the Mikaelsons who have a thousand years’ worth of life experiences?


“It’s still a better place with you in it.”

Vincent Griffith In “A Ghost Along The Mississippi”

When Cami died with vampire blood in her system, she was reluctant to complete her transition into a vampire and she almost didn’t go through with it, but Vincent managed to convince her otherwise with this quote. He added before it that even in a world with monsters, things were better with her.

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Even without the vampires and the monsters, the real world can be a pretty grim place at times. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth living in it. Those are some great words to live by as they can remind people of all the good they can bring into the world.

“Kill a demon today, face the Devil tomorrow.”

Rebekah Mikaelson In “Après Moi, Le Déluge”

The characters of The Originals went face to face with multiple threats during the show’s five seasons, but they always managed to come out victorious. When she said this quote, Rebekah was referring to the possibility of Esther stirring up trouble with the ancestors when they consecrated her bones in order to complete the harvest ritual. So they essentially solved their problem by potentially creating a new one, but they decided to not worry about it until they had to.

With these words, Rebekah is highlighting that it’s important to take on life day by day and deal with problems one at a time. Life can sometimes be very overwhelming and things might start to pile up, but worrying about future problems before they even form is pointless.

“A new day is coming. The question is will you control it or will it control you?”

Klaus Mikaelson In “They All Asked For You”

When Klaus said this quote, he didn’t exactly have the best of intentions as he was actually trying to manipulate Aiden into defying Jackson’s rule. But regardless, his words hold a lot of truth in them as they could easily apply to real-life situations.

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He’s saying that change is inevitable and each person can choose to either passively go through the change or to take control of the situation and subsequently their life. Making changes in life might seem daunting at times but it’s important to embrace the change in order to move forwards rather than staying stuck in the past.

“This is kind of the reason you have friends, so you don’t have to do the terrible parts alone.”

Josh Rosza In “Wild At Heart”

Josh was a reliable and trustworthy friend and he was always there for Davina when she needed him, even though she was usually reluctant to ask anyone for help. Everyone has to deal with difficulties in life sometimes. Granted, not everyone has to rule over a coven of witches but either way, no one should have to deal with hard times alone.

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Like Josh, friends are always there to help through difficult times and everyone needs to have people they can trust to help them through it.

“You can’t buy it, you can’t force it, it comes only out of love & respect.”

Marcel Gerard In “The River In Reverse”

After Klaus won the fight against the vampires of New Orleans, he regained control of the city and replaced Marcel as king. However, before he steps down, Marcel informs him that just because he found his way to the top doesn’t mean he gained people’s trust and Klaus would have to work a lot harder to actually gain the loyalty of his vampire subjects. That’s why this quote about loyalty is so important.

In a real-life scenario, loyalty and trust work in the same way as they have to be earned by someone, or else they won’t be real. Marcel truly lived by these words and that’s evident by the obvious camaraderie he was creating among his vampires, which is why he was one of the most fan-favorite characters of The Originals.

“Make art, use your voice, have adventures, & have at least one totally epic love.”

Hayley Marshall in “A Tale Of Two Wolves”

In this episode, Hope dies momentarily and moves on to the afterlife. But before Klaus can bring her back, she managed to find her mom who urged her to go back. Knowing that this would be the last time she would see her daughter, Hayley gives her some final motherly advice to encourage her to be herself and to live her life to the fullest.

This was one of Hayley’s best quotes and it’s some great advice that everyone can use as it emphasizes the importance of prioritizing happiness and fulfillment. Like Hope, everyone should learn to be true to themselves, go on adventures, find love and do whatever it is that makes them happy.

“Sometimes the things that you want, they aren’t worth the price you have to pay to get them.”

Marcel Gerard in “A Streetcar Named Desire”

Ever since he rescued her from the witches’ blood sacrifice ritual, Marcel acted as a father figure for Davina. He was there for her when she needed him most and he always had a wise piece of advice for her. Her headstrong nature made her determined to get what she wanted at all times, no matter the price and that sometimes had a negative effect on her life.

With this line, Marcel urges her to pick her battles wisely and think about the sacrifices she would have to make in order to achieve her goal. It’s true that sometimes the thought of the desired destination can make someone ignore the difficulties of the journey, but it’s important to think about what’s worth losing in the process.

“You will find the real moments are vibrant. The rest just fades away.”

Klaus Mikaelson In “Rebirth”

When Hayley turned into a hybrid she was having a hard time accepting her new immortality. Luckily, Klaus knew exactly what to say to her to bring her comfort. His advice really helped put things into perspective for her, as she realized that the long life she had ahead of her left a lot of time to replace her pain with happier memories.

This is one of Klaus’ wisest quotes as it captures a very relatable notion and it draws from his own experience. He is saying that in the grand scheme of things, the good memories will always outshine the bad, while things like pain and sadness are but a small chapter in one’s life.

“Being kind doesn’t make you weak.”

Hayley Marshall In “Alone With Everybody”

Over the course of The Originals, Klaus kept getting better as a person, but that wouldn’t be possible without the influence of those around him. When Hayley said this to him, she was trying to convince him that getting out of their way to help someone would not affect their journey and that it wasn’t a bad decision.

Klaus, as well as a lot of other people, finds it difficult to express kindness to others. Even in real life, some people seem to associate kindness with weakness. That connotation is very harmful to society, and it’s important to demolish the correlation between the two.

“What you do not see in yourself, others see in you. You do matter.”

Klaus Mikaelson In “Savior”

When Lucien compelled Will, he made him believe that his life was worthless and that there was nothing he could do to change that, and that drove him into depression. As Klaus was unable to undo Lucien’s compulsion, he compelled Will to see himself differently and reassured him that things will always get better. That was a detrimental scene because it showcased Klaus’ progress toward redemption as he expressed compassion and kindness without expecting anything in return.

His words held a lot of meaning not only in the context of the episode but also in real life. Sometimes people find it hard to see their positive attributes and when everything goes wrong, life can sometimes feel meaningless. But it’s important to know that each person is unique in their own way and while they might not see the best virtues of themselves, the people around them will always recognize and value them.

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