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How to Get Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy can be obtained through a variety of methods, such as newcomer event rewards, exploration, or questing.

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The Gold Nucleus is a gacha currency in Tower of Fantasy used to pull weapons and Simulacra, the playable character units connected to each unique armament. These gacha pulls are referred to as Special Orders and serve as the “Standard Banner,” meaning that it encompasses a broad list of random weapons that can be acquired using Gold Nuclei. However, these rates in Tower of Fantasy are not geared towards a specific, limited-time unit, unlike Red Nuclei pulls.


Those familiar with Genshin Impact‘s Wish system can clearly see the resemblance between the Gold Nucleus of Tower of Fantasy and the Acquaint Fate of Genshin Impact. Similar to how Acquaint Fates pull from a broad list of characters and weaponry when consumed, those looking to acquire a specific weapon should not rely on Gold Nuclei to realize their goal. Of course, whaling is certainly an option, as the more affluent Tower of Fantasy fans can use Gold Nuclei to their heart’s content. Nevertheless, no matter the amount of real money spent, the chances of receiving a desired Simulacrum via the “Standard Banner” Special Order system are still random.

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Luckily, the Special Order banner using Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy has a special pity mechanic in place that provides Wanderers with a guaranteed SR or SSR unit every ten pulls. Moreover, if the number of accumulated draws reaches 80, the player is sure to receive an SSR Simulacrum. Therefore, some may consider Tower of Fantasy‘s Gold Nucleus pulls to be quite generous compared to known gacha titles.

Obtaining Gold Nuclei In Tower Of Fantasy

Accordingly, the central question for players looking to participate in receiving weaponry from Special Orders would be how to obtain Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy. Fortunately, the game does not hold back in providing newcomers with as many rewards as possible. While it is unknown how endgame players will fare with earning gacha pulls in Tower of Fantasy‘s global version, those who’ve recently begun their journey can do any of the basic actions below to get Gold Nuclei:

Source Details
Newcomer Event Rewards One source of Gold Nuclei that fans should definitely not miss out on is the host of free rewards provided for newcomers to Tower of Fantasy, such as the Side by Side I Event, which grants players a whole 10-pull pack for Special Orders. Keep in mind that most of these events are time sensitive, so it’s crucial to claim everything as soon as possible.
Questing Engaging in the main storyline and quests will provide Tower of Fantasy fans with a solid amount of one-time rewards that include Gold Nuclei.
Exploration The shared open world is full of hidden secrets, puzzles, and collectibles waiting to be discovered. Type II Supply Pods containing Gold Nuclei are scattered about the map, including the starting area of Astra. Some Gold Nuclei are even sitting out in plain sight.
Milestone- and Activity-related Progression Milestone progression systems like Tower of Fantasy‘s Pass or Adventure Menu offer many rewards, including Gold Nuclei, for F2P and paying fans alike.
Dark Crystal Exchange Dark Crystals are the “Primogems” of Tower of Fantasy and can be earned through both in-game activities or real-world money. Accordingly, players can use this currency to buy Gold Nuclei.

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    In Tower of Fantasy, mankind has been forced to leave Earth in search of new frontiers due to the depletion of resources and energy. Now humanity has migrated to Aida, a lush alien world that supports human life. When humans discover a comet known as Mara which contains an energy source known as “Omnium”, they build a Tower to contain it. However, Omnium radiation causes a catastrophic event which will require heroes from all over to bring everything back to normal.Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play multiplayer game with action RPG elements, where players can create their own protagonists while gathering new heroes, weapons, and classes as they travel the world of Aida. Similar to Genshin Impact, players can partner with others as they travel the land collecting materials and upgrades for their teams. Tower of Fantasy has entered an early open access beta as of August 11th, and will fully release on Steam in Q4 of 2022.



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