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Why Fans Think They Know French Man Identity

My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers have turned into sleuths, hoping to figure out who the French man is, and some think that they’ve found his identity.

Sleuthing My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans believe that they have finally figured out who Whitney Way Thore’s mystery Frenchman is. For two seasons, Whitney has made sure to keep her newest boyfriend under wraps. However, after some intense investigating, fans think that they have figured out his identity.

As TLC viewers are aware, Whitney has been seeing a man from Paris, whom she originally met over a language app, while trying to learn the language of love. My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 9 showed Whitney falling head over heels for her tutor. Viewers were a bit concerned that she was being catfished, but she Skyped with the man, who seemed to be real. At the time, Whitney had just gotten out of a bad breakup with Chase Severino. The UNC Charlotte alum Chase revealed that he had cheated on Whitney during the pandemic, and fathered a child. Thankfully, Whitney decided not to give up on romance.


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Thanks to a TLC editing faux pas, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers feel that they may have cracked the case of the mystery Frenchman. As Reddit user u/anxiousanomly2 pointed out, production forgot to block out Whitney’s boyfriend’s name when they first decided to video chat, and he was shown under the name, Nail. After a bit more digging, it was revealed the man’s full name was Nail Rayner, who is a Parisian rapper. He had worked with Rekyou, a Paris music production company, but his videos have since been deleted from the site.

Nail’s social media has also been deleted. However, before it was lost, Nail’s Facebook showed only his photograph, which spotlighted a rather young-looking man who could have easily been in his late 20s. The picture showed him wearing a flowered shirt, while sporting his seemingly natural dark curls. It is odd that an aspiring musical artist doesn’t have active social media accounts, with fans questioning once again if this was a set-up by production. Viewers once believed that Chase was a hired boyfriend, and now, many fans wonder if Nail was indeed under contract.

For now, Whitney has not confirmed the identity of her secret boyfriend, but has promised My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans that he will be seen in the new season. For Whitney’s sake, followers hope that the French love interest turns out to be her knight in shining armor. The dancer has already spent six weeks with him in France, and has reportedly even hired him to work for her fitness app.



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