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Bane’s 10 Best Appearances In DC Animation

With the third season of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series currently airing, surprise fan favorite Bane has returned to the television screens of DC fans. While Bane is found across comic books, shows like Batman: The Animated Series, and films like Batman & Robin, The LEGO Batman Movie, and The Dark Knight Rises, he is less frequently used throughout DC Comics’ animated shows.

However, in the appearances he makes in the animated world, Bane shines in the stories, focusing on his strength, occasional humor, and willingness to team up with other villains to destroy Batman.


10 Batman: The Brave And The Bold – “Menace Of The Conqueror Caveman!” (S1.E17)

In the opening sequence of the episode, Batman teams up with Wildcat to take on Bane. Wildcat, not knowing they were pursuing Bane, began mocking the scrawny man in front of them.

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Batman continually warns Wildcat against making remarks calling Bane a weakling because he knows what Bane can do. Bane shows Wildcat that there is more to him than his first impression shows. With venom enhancing Bane’s strength, he fights off Wildcat and Batman until they cut his venom tubes. This episode’s opening demonstrates major parts of Bane’s character, from his need to prove his strength to his venom being his undoing.

9 Young Justice – “Usual Suspects” (S1.E25)

Among the best villains on Young Justice, Lex Luthor makes a deal with Bane to allow his group of villains to use Bane’s island, Santa Prisca, in return for favors. With strong control over the island, Bane and his men attack Miss Martian, Superboy, and the rest of the team when they arrive.

It takes a lot to stop Bane. Zatanna creates illusions of Robin to confuse him, so Robin can cut his venom tubes and taser him. This episode overall is highly regarded amongst Young Justice fans, and Bane’s presence as a villain only makes it stronger as he proves he is more than just power. He can exert control and strategize alongside one of the best minds in DC Comics, Lex Luthor.

8 Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – “A Seat At The Table” (S1.E9)

Bane’s character in the Harley Quinn series is more comedic than most versions, yet he shines as one of the funniest characters in the show. One of his best moments is executing his personal vendetta against a smoothie shop barista, and failing miserably.

Now they are in the Legion of Doom, Bane hires Harley’s crew against their will to help him blow up smoothie barista Todd because he intentionally gets his name wrong. With King Shark planting the bomb, Bane grows impatient and prematurely detonates it, only to discover Todd does not work that day. This hilariously parodies Bane’s usual scheming, managing a team, and rage to bring about a new aspect of the character who elaborately plans only to overlook a significant part of the plan.

7 Superman: The Animated Series – “Knight Time” (S3.E2)

In this episode of Superman: The Animated Series, Superman discovers Batman is missing and disguises himself as Batman to fight crime in Gotham and not raise suspicion about Batman’s absence. Meanwhile, Bane returns to Gotham stronger than before, ready to take control of Gotham City with Mad Hatter and Riddler.

Superman, as Batman, takes on Bane, giving him more of a fight than Batman usually gives him, and is surprisingly easily defeated. This episode shows the value of Bane as offering brains and brawn to a group, as he is not out of place with the mental prowess of Riddler and Mad Hatter.

6 The New Batman Adventures – “Over the Edge” (S1.E12)

When Batgirl goes after Scarecrow and dies as a result of her pursuit, her identity is revealed to Commissioner Gordon, and he begins to go after Batman with Bane’s help.

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Bane does not take it lightly that Batman is responsible for Batgirl’s death, and he makes it known as they fight to the death. Bane ends up electrocuted when he is thrown into the Bat-signal, causing his defeat. “Over the Edge” shows the side of Bane that takes his moral codes seriously, as he is willing to fight to the death for what he believes.

5 Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – “Batman’s Back, Man” (S2.E5)

As the last two members standing of the Injustice League, Two-Face and Bane form an alliance to run Gotham together to protect themselves from Harley Quinn. This episode leads to some of Bane’s best quotes in the series, as he argues with Two-Face about the promotional advertisements about them controlling Gotham.

Bane is further outraged when Batman is surprised by Bane’s part in Two-Face’s operation and breaks his legs, mimicking the iconic back break between the two. To ease Bane’s rage, Two-Face gifts him a giant pit, referencing the pit in The Dark Knight Rises. With a bigger focus on Batman and Bane, it takes the newer humor of Bane’s character with callbacks to his classic moments.

4 Batman: The Animated Series – “Bane” (S1.E3)

In Bane’s debut of the classic animated series, he is hired to kill Batman. In his pursuit, Bane first goes after Killer Croc. Knowing Batman will fight Killer Croc, Bane has the opportunity to study Batman’s fighting style so that he can be quickly taken down.

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Bane’s fight against Killer Croc demonstrates what he can do with the venom, increasing his physical ability and allowing him to defeat Killer Croc without any issue. After his performance there, Bane sets his sights on controlling Gotham once Batman is no longer a factor, setting him up as the major threat audiences know him to be with his strength and ability to plot for power in Gotham.

3 Batman Beyond – “The Winning Edge” (S1.E9)

This Batman Beyond episode addresses the effects of the venom Bane is known for using to gain his strength, as it is now widely available. Batman seeks out Bane on his remote island to get more information on venom. Bane is found on a respirator and barely able to move after spending so much of his life on venom.

The use of Bane in “The Winning Edge” contrasts what the audience has always known him to be and shows he was willing to be as strong as he was to his detriment. This episode shows a new side of Bane as he helps Batman figure out how the new venom is being developed without him.

2 Young Justice – “Drop Zone” (S1.E4)

In “Drop Zone”, the Young Justice team interfere in Bane’s fight against the Cult of the Kobra. After Bane volunteers to fight the Kobra’s champion, Mammoth, and loses, he offers to help the Young Justice team take down the Kobra. Despite his eventual betrayal of the team, this shows Bane’s willingness to cooperate with anyone as long as it gets him closer to achieving his goal.

It also reinforces his mental strength as Miss Martian has a difficult time reading his mind. Overall, this episode shows off the best aspects of Bane’s character in one of the best episodes of Young Justice’s first seasons.

1 Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – “There’s No Place To Go But Down” (S2.E7)

Bane has successfully turned Two-Face’s gift of the pit into a prison, so when Two-Face sentences Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to life in Bane’s prison, they find themselves among other villains that Bane is trying to rehabilitate. Inspiring creative freedom and expression within the pit, Bane uses the space to make a difference and shows to be a surprisingly caring and adept warden.

The partnership with Two-Face as the judge and Bane as the jailer is not uncommon for Bane’s position of power within Gotham, as other stories have seen him as the “executioner.” Between the way he uses his strength and power, loves the pit, and his wholesome humor true to this series, “There’s No Place To Go But Down” is Bane at his best.



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