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The Most Powerful Characters In Prey, Ranked

When Prey begins, a Predator comes to Earth in 1719 and attacks a Comanche tribe in the Great Northern Plains, sparking a conflict that is unlike anything the Yautja or the warriors it faces have ever seen. When a misguided group of French trappers becomes involved, the hunt turns into a bloodbath, and vengeance is dealt by both sides. Aided by her brother, her trusty dog, and her knowledge of healing herbs, a young warrior becomes the only hope of protecting her village.

There are few who can survive close-quarter combat against a Yautja when it’s focused on its prize, but the power of the characters in Prey comes from their skill set beyond being physically impressive. In fact, the characters who rush into confronting the Predator without marrying their brain to their brawn become quick fodder, while those that use all the weapons at their disposal, including their knowledge of the natural environment, live to fight another day.


10 The Fur Trappers

When Naru happens upon a field of flayed buffalos, she’s shocked to discover that the only thing that’s been taken from them is their hides when her village would have used every piece of the mighty grazers right down to their bone marrow. She later comes face to face with the men responsible for the display of disrespectful avarice – a group of fur trappers. They manage to capture her only after she’s been confronted by the Predator, and intend to use her as bait to draw it out.

RELATED: 10 Ideas That The Predator Franchise Can Explore In The Future After PreyEven with all their muskets and steel traps, their hubris and braggart nature get the better of them. While they might be perceived as threats by the Yautja because of their rifles, none of them are claimed as trophies, their carcasses left to rot like the buffalo they skinned.

9 Raphael

The only member of the fur trappers’ party who can communicate with Comanche, Raphael understands the value of trading goods and information. He earns Naru’s trust by being less pugnacious than his cohort, and when he’s wounded by the Predator, she agrees to treat his wounds if he’ll teach her how to use his flintlock pistol.

When Naru gives Raphael a particular herb to cool his blood and prevent blood loss, it enables him to be undetectable by the Predator’s thermal tracking system. Unfortunately, the Yautja doesn’t understand the benefit of bartering, and Raphael becomes collateral damage, and his pistol becomes a trophy of Naru defeating invaders to the Great Plains.

8 Ania & Huupi

Members of Wasape and Taabe’s hunting party, Ania and Huupi help the foremost warriors of their village track a mountain lion and later, the Yautja. They mistakenly believe that they can take on the Predator in close-quarter combat and initiate a two-pronged attack, though their ferocity and athleticism keep them alive longer than most.

Making a brave stand against the Yautja has become a common trope in all the Predator movies, and these warriors put up enough of a fight to be considered not only a threat by the Yautja, but worthy trophies for his mantle. The efficacy of their flanking attack provides time for Itsee and Naru to make their escape.

7 Wasape

The next best warrior in the village besides Taabe, Wasape is a skilled combatant if an arrogant member of the hunting party. He fails to see the importance of having Naru accompany them to kill either the lion or the Yautja, until Taabe convinces him of her tracking prowess.

RELATED: 10 Side Characters In The Predator Franchise With Main Character EnergyWasape’s inability to understand that there are more important components to achieving victory than just martial skills gets him in the crosshairs of the Predator, who dispatches him relatively quickly due. Wasape learns too late that a collectivist approach and an understanding of the benefits of the natural world around him are as essential to a hunter as their bow and spear.

6 Aruka

The mother to Naru and Taabe, Aruka is also a powerful medicine woman in the village. Using specific herbs intended for certain maladies, she creates poultices and salves for wounds as well as to be worn as repellents against spiritual invaders. She instructs Naru in the gathering of her ingredients, including the plant that helps to cool the blood and limit blood loss.

Aruka may not be a hunter or a tracker, but she understands the great advantages to be found in the natural world around her which give a healer their strength. By passing these on to Naru, she not only ensures her daughter’s survival, but the protection of the village.

5 Itsee

Another warrior in Wasape and Taabe’s hunting party, Itsee is a solemn warrior who empathizes with Naru, and respects her desire to join them in their hunt for the lion and later, the Yautja. Itsee doesn’t appear to be interested in personal glory the same way that his cohort is, and this trait keeps him removed from their mistakes.

RELATED: 9 Ways Prey Is Like The Old-School Predator MoviesA meticulous, thoughtful warrior, he understands the benefit of operating in conjunction with his natural environment, even working with Naru to evade the Yautja as it stalks the tall grass. Though he may hang back from the rest of the group, he’s courageous when it counts, eventually sacrificing himself so that Naru can escape the Predator.

4 Sarii

From the beginning, Sarii is Naru’s constant companion, shadowing her as she gathers roots and herbs and later, when she joins Taabe’s hunting party. Sarii is more than a pet who helps his human survive – he’s a fierce warrior in his own right, placing himself between Naru and any threat they encounter in the forest.

Sarii relies on his swiftness of paw and dexterity, skillfully evading first a savage bear when it tries to attack Naru and eventually, the Yautja as it closes in on her after killing everyone else. Sarii helps distract the Yautja so that Naru can deliver the final blow, their tandem coordination bringing victory to the village and distinction to Sarii.

3 Taabe

Taabe might be a war chief for stalking and killing a mountain lion single-handedly, but he’s first and foremost a big brother to Naru. Taabe has gained distinction in his village for his hunting abilities, but he values his sister’s contributions to tracking and healing, and the fierce bond he shares with her is unbreakable, even by a Predator.

Not only is Taabe one of the bravest characters in Prey, he places the safety of his village and his family above his own. Prestige is a symptom of his primary purpose, which is to safeguard what he loves. The power of love, when combined with his combat prowess, is what makes him a threat to the Yautja, which he uses to his advantage to help Naru survive.

2 Predator

Since Prey is a prequel movie to the other installments in the Predator franchise, this Yautja is one of the first to come to Earth in search of trophies. It begins by hunting wolves and bears, but eventually determines humans to be worthy opponents. Despite having a great deal of powerful Yautja weapons at his disposal, this Predator is more “feral” than others fans have seen onscreen.

RELATED: The 10 Ugliest Aliens In Movie History, RankedThis Yautja prefers close-quarter combat and hand-to-hand skirmishes as opposed to stalking and trapping his prey, and he tears apart a wolf and a charging bear with his hands. His only mistake is not taking Naru seriously as a threat after besting the greatest warriors her village has to offer, but his successors will not make the same mistake.

1 Naru

Naru wants nothing more than to begin her kühtaamia and take her place as a hunter in her village, but she’s sent to gather herbs and roots instead. Only by sneaking into her brother’s hunting parties is she able to prove herself, using her tracking skills to distinguish the Yautja from other predators in the forest.

Her greatest advantage comes from being counted out by her enemy, but she uses the Predator’s underestimation of her abilities as a strength, setting up an elaborate system of traps and snares to claim it as her own trophy before it can do the same. In the end, Naru’s amalgamation of hunter, tracker, and healer skills ensure that her village is safe and her kin avenged.

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