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Where Indy Santo’s Game Went Wrong

Last week Indy Santos was evicted from the Big Brother house with a 7-1 vote. She made many wrong moves in her game, which led to her eviction.

During last week’s live eviction, Indy Santos became the first member of the Big Brother jury house. Although Indy had not won any competitions throughout the season, she did have a strong social game. Unfortunately, her social game did not help her make it to the end of the game.

Indy left the house prior to the latest Big Brother game twist. Following her eviction, longtime host Julie Chen Moonves revealed to the remaining houseguests that the game would soon be turned upside down. The night’s Head of Household competition named not one but two new HOHs. Later that night, once the live show had concluded, the house was divided into two groups. One group is living inside while the other is outside with two completely separate games taking place.


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Before the shocking Big Brother 24 twist, Indy was evicted from the house. Leading up to her eviction, Indy had not won any competitions; however, she had a strong social game. Throughout the game, Indy was mainly working with Jasmine Davis and Alyssa Snider, who is in a showmance with Kyle Capener. Unfortunately for Indy, her social game was not powerful enough to compensate for her lack of competition wins. In having a strong social game, Indy also played a very emotional game. She took many game moves personally, making her a target in the house. Indy was also seen as a threat after her housemates saw how long she lasted during the wall competition.

Indy was very upset about her Big Brother eviction during the live episode. Earlier in the week, Head of Household Taylor Hale had promised Indy safety for the week before going back on her word and nominating her. Ideally, Indy should have won the Power of Veto competition to take herself off the block; however, Kyle ultimately took the power. This is partially why Indy blames Kyle for her eviction. She also felt because she had picked Kyle to play in the veto, he should have used the power to save her. Since Indy was an emotional player, she did not understand that Kyle was solely trying to do what was best for his own game.

Indy most likely realizes that she trusted the wrong people throughout her time on Big Brother, especially Kyle. Had Indy won the veto, she could’ve remained in the game and competed for one of the two vetos this week. Unfortunately, Indy, will instead, be the first houseguest headed to the jury house. Although she gets to enjoy her first week there by herself, Indy will soon be joined by not one but two more Big Brother evictees.

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