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10 Funniest Levi Ackerman Memes

Attack on Titan has been a fan-favorite anime since its debut in 2013, and fans were elated to find out that the Season 4, Part 3 will return in early 2023. The anime may not compare to One Piece in length, but it has proven that anime can be incredible, even when shorter.

A character that has garnered swaths of attention as the anime progresses is Levi Ackerman, the captain of the special ops squad against Titans. From his unique, spinning fighting style to the infamous cleaning scene, Attack on Titan fans have made some great memes about Levi.


10 Levi, The Short Captain

Captain Levi may be the best fighter against Titans, and part of his advantage might lie in his height. This might cause a lot of humorous memes to be made about Levi, but it is undoubtedly a help for his speed and agility while fighting.

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Captain Levi is a fierce warrior and often loyal (though emotionless) friend, which makes his short stature all the more hilarious to compare to his counterparts in battle.

9 Captain Levi Goes Unhinged

Fans got a glimpse of the outlandish things Levi would do for the sake of military strategy in an episode from the first season titled “Can’t Look Into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1.” This episode entails Eren being put on trial for his actions as a Titan.

In “the courtroom scene,” Levi uses leverage as Captain to strike Eren and interrogate him forcefully. This meme points out the absurdity of Levi’s courtroom tactics, claiming it is something deeper than a strategic move.

8 The New Drake Meme

Drake’s music videos have yielded some funny memes, one of which is now a staple meme format. The format, where Drake shrugs off something and then approves something else, has been remade in this Attack on Titan meme to give Levi Ackerman an homage for his revenge.

Levi surely deserves his own show, which would hopefully probe into more facial expressions from him. Nevertheless, this subtle moment where he shows some gratification provided a perfect meme format that suits Season 4’s arc.

7 Making Fun of Levi’s Height

This meme further jests at Captain Levi’s shortness, but does so in a more nostalgic meme format. At one time, there were troves of memes making puns and “dad jokes” about various topics, but these fluctuate as other memes trend.

Undoubtedly one of the best characters in one of the best animes on Netflix, Levi finds a way to traverse his height and remain a serious character in the anime. Still, it’s funny to make memes about how short he is.

6 Levi Has His Own Fandom

When Attack on Titan first premiered, fans immediately struggled with whom to focus their “fandom” on. Between Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, the fandom splintered in different ways toward the best main character.

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This meme hilariously reminds fans of the impact that Levi has had on the anime. From his hardened moments in the beginning of the series to the more emotional and dangerous moments that ensue later, Levi is a lovable character that will always excite fans.

5 Go, Go, Beyblade!

Levi’s fighting style is equal parts jaw-dropping and funny looking. His iconic spin move is highly effective, ripping through Titans at an alarming rate, but it is hilariously reminiscent of the Beyblade spinning fighters.

Captain Levi didn’t become the best character in Attack on Titanby having a boring fight style or uncontrollable emotions. He trained and honed his skills to do immense damage and defend his home—even when it looks funny, it’s the best on the squad.

4 Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

Captain Levi’s childhood story might have been pushed to the end in light of Eren’s, but his is just as emotional and heartbreaking. There is an evident reason why he is so reserved, focused on military work, and shows little facial expressions.

This meme takes a serious story and brings some relatable humor into it, painting the school experience with Levi’s development over time. One of the best swordsmen in anime has a long, dark past that fuels his goals in the anime.

3 The Many Faces of Captain Levi

A staple of Levi Ackerman’s character is his lack of expression. Whether in killing Titans or overcome with emotion, he seems to react nearly the same every time. This meme hilariously poses that Levi is at his happiest when he’s cleaning. This is a humorous callback to the first season, in Season 1, episode 15.

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2 Levi May Be Sinister, But He Is Still Polite​​

Whether this interaction is supposed to be more threatening or polite, the world may never know. Given Levi’s personality and tone, it seems he was trying to be more threatening, but this meme (with a funny motivational poster vibe) depicts it as polite.

Levi has been the frontman of some horrific moments in the show, but at least he is a good communicator. Each of his enemies (and sometimes, friends) are aware of his intentions in many moments before he fights them.

1 The Yell Heard Around The World

In the third season, Levi is the main focus of a massive plot twist in the show: the return of Kenny. After being followed and taunted for some time, a mysterious man reveals himself to Levi as an old friend. Kenny comes out of the shadows to oppose Levi, and Levi responds in outrage.

This meme hilariously depicts how rage-filled and loud Levi’s yell was in the show. It alone conveyed every emotion Levi felt and alluded to how the story would play out.

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