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My Hero Academia’s Big Resurrection Solves a Huge Series Problem

This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 364

While the return of Katsuki Bakugo, will go down as one of the most emotional events in My Hero Academia, an even more profound act was the sacrifice Edgeshot made in order to complete his resurrection process.

Shinya Kamihara AKA Edgeshot is currently the Fourth-ranked Pro-Hero in Japan and the leader of the Pro-Hero team known as the Lurkers. He has been at the forefront of Japan’s anti-criminal efforts including campaigns against All for One, and the League of Villains for years. Like many Pro-Heroes of similar stature, Edgeshot has near complete mastery of his quirk, known as “foldabody”. The quirk allows Edgeshot to instantaneously flatten any part of his body to the extent that it becomes a microscopically thin, razor-sharp thread. Consequently, Edgeshot can sneak into any space including, as revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 364, a person’s body. One of his best techniques is to pierce an opponent’s veins to cut off the flow of blood and incapacitate them. As also revealed in Chapter 364, Edgeshot saves Bakugo’s life by transforming his body into a thread, then using himself to tie together and repair Bakugo’s damaged heart.


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Bringing back a character as popular as Bakugo is a prudent move by the manga’s author Kohei Horikoshi, especially when considering the uproar his “death” caused. However, an equally important aspect of the resurrection is the fact that a Pro-Hero, and especially one with the stature of Edgeshot, gave up his own life to save a hero of the next generation. Although the focus of the manga has been the development of young promising amateurs into professional heroes through the guidance, care, and support of the current generation of Pro-Heroes, Class 1-A and other students of U.A. High School, are consistently thrown into the fray and left to figure it out on their own. While this has led to some tremendous growth in the students, it has also tragically led to more injury and death than should have occurred if more Pro-Heroes took a more active and constructive involvement in the development of their replacements.

Edgeshot’s sacrifice is surprising. He does it while being one of the most capable heroes in the land. For all of Bakuga’s potential in My Hero Academia, he still was not a hero on the same level as Edgeshot. The trade-off is not balanced. Moreover, his sacrifice seems to have been made randomly, at the spur of the moment. There is no evidence in the manga showing that Edgeshot ever had a relationship with Bakugo to the degree that he would sacrifice himself to save the younger hero. However, Edgeshot’s sacrifice makes sense, when considering the discussions in the chapter, such as All For One’s discussion with himself about wanting to give Shigaraki the power to carry on his legacy, as well as Agpar speaking about All Might’s efforts to help Deku develop. It’s a “call to arms” for Pro-Heroes to do the right thing, and take responsibility by making sure the next generation has all they need to carry on and surpass the legacy already laid out.

If Edgeshot, All Might, and even All For One can give themselves up for the next-gen, other heroes need to stop complaining about “hardship” and “changed times”. Instead of running away, they need to begin performing necessary work to make sure the new heroes aren’t obliterated, and can effectively operate on their own. The idea of preparing and supporting the next generation is important in any culture, but especially true in My Hero Academia, where nearly everyone is super-powered. It’s an important point that Hirokoshi subtly makes without overpowering the “main” story of Bakugo‘s resurrection.

My Hero Academia is available to read from Viz Media.



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