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Stellan Skarsgård’s Best Movies And TV Shows, According To IMDb

As excitement for Andor continues to build, Star Wars fans are intrigued by Stellan Skarsgård’s character, Luthen Rael. He is the character who will recruit Cassian Andor into the Rebel Alliance. Based on the Andor trailers, Luthen Rael seems to be living a double life. In one, he is a gruff individual while interacting with Cassian and Saw Gerrera in gritty and harsh environments. In the other, he’s a wealthy and friendly man on Coruscant.

With fans eager to learn more about this new character and Stellan Skarsgård’s multi-faceted portrayal of him, it is the perfect opportunity to watch some of the actor’s best movies and television shows. From limited series to major franchises, IMDb users have rated Skarsgård’s impressive body of work.


8 Dogville (8.0)

Dogville is the story of a woman named Grace (played by Nicole Kidman) hiding from mobsters in the small town of Dogville, Colorado. It proved to be a divisive movie that critics and audiences in general seemed to either love or hate.

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None of the issues that audiences had with the movie had to do with Stellan Skarsgård’s performance as Chuck, though. In fact, Skarsgård was nominated for best supporting actor in the Bodill Awards and Robert Awards, both of which are Danish film awards.

7 River (8.0)

River is a television series that only ran for 6 episodes, but it is still one of Stellan Skarsgård’s most critically acclaimed projects. Skarsgård’s performance as police officer John River is praised for the nuance he brought to the role and how he elevated the series beyond a traditional crime drama.

Audiences were impressed by how deftly Skarsgård transitioned into a range of emotions and provided each one with the depth needed to make all facets of his character feel real. The psychological nature of the intense character-driven series worked as well as it did largely because of Skarsgård’s excellent acting.

6 Dune (8.0)

Skarsgård got his chance to play one of the best villains in Denis Villenueve films as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in the 2021 film adaptation of Dune. Extensive makeup and full-body prosthetics give him the physical appearance of the villain described in Frank Herbert’s novels.

As impressive as the physical transformation is, it is Skarsgård’s cruel, intimidating, and cunning portrayal that brings the character to life. His performance was one of the many critically acclaimed aspects of Dune and audiences are eager to see more from him in the sequel coming in 2023.

5 The Avengers (8.0)

Skarsgård has now played Dr. Erik Selvig in 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, with The Avengers being the most highest-rated among IMDb users. Selvig works for S.H.I.E.L.D in this movie, but spends most of the story under the control of Loki and the Mind Stone.

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Skarsgård’s acting helps provide a clear distinction between Selvig when he is under the control of Loki and when Selvig is in control of himself. While Selvig is always a brilliant scientist, under the control of Loki, Selvig is blindly obedient and cares more about scientific progress than human life, while the real Selvig is more cautious, open-minded, and wiser.

4 Good Will Hunting (8.3)

Good Will Hunting is not only one of the best Robin Williams movies, but it is also one of the best Stellan Skarsgård movies. Skarsgård plays Professor Gerald Lambeau. He is the one who posts the math problems that Will Hunting solves and the one who arranges Will to undergo therapy sessions with Robin Williams’ character Sean Maguire.

Gerry Lambeau and Sean Maguire both want what they believe is best for Will, but they disagree vehemently about what that is. Sean wants to help Will as a person while Lambeau cares more about Will’s intellectual potential and the success that comes with it. Skarsgård gets the audience to believe that Lambeau genuinely wants Will to succeed, but that Lambeau also resents Will for what he sees as Will squandering his intellectual gifts.

3 Entourage (8.5)

Skarsgård guest-starred as Verner Vollstedt in 3 episodes of Entourage‘s fifth season. Vollstedt is an Oscar-winning director who directs the newest film of Entourage character Vincent Chase.

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As the tension mounts between Vollstedt and Vince, Skarsgård is perfect as a frustrated director who never wanted Vince to be in his movie in the first place. In a series about the film industry, Skarsgård shines as a dissatisfied and entitled individual, and is among the many memorable guest stars in the show.

2 The Simpsons (8.7)

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1987, with Skarsgård’s debut on the show coming in 2020. The season 32 episode “Podcast News” features Skarsgård voicing himself. When Grampa Simpson becomes the lead suspect in a murder case, Kent Brockman creates a Guilty Grampa murder podcast to listen to, and as the podcast reaches its conclusion, he also announces an upcomin streaming series adaptation.

Brockman publicly announces that Stellan Skarsgård will be starring in the streaming series, although Skarsgård reveals that he only has a deal memo and hasn’t yet signed any of the paperwork. It is a very brief, but fun way of incorporating Skarsgård into the long, comedic, and socially relevant history of The Simpsons.

1 Chernobyl (9.4)

The HBO limited series Chernobyl was well-received for its dramatic depiction of the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, the lead-up to the disaster, and how the Soviet Union handled the tragedy in its aftermath.

Audiences recognized Skarsgård’s key contributions to this series as Boris Shcherbina, for which Skarsgård won a Golden Globe and received an Emmy nomination. With there being such limited biographical information publicly available the real Boris Shcherbina, it was up to the writers and to Skarsgård to authentically bring him to life.

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