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10 Nicest DC Comics Heroes, According To Reddit

With Super Sons set to premiere on Oct. 18, fans are excited to see one of the kindest DC Comics heroes paired with one of its sternest. After all, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent make an excellent team, even if the two have wildly different personalities.

Yet Jon Kent isn’t the only extremely kind hero that DC has to offer. Many of its most popular names have huge hearts that drove them into heroics in the first place. While most fans may be more interested in power levels and strength, it’s just as worthwhile to take a look at which of DC’s heroes are the kindest.


Green Arrow

Though the Green Arrow is better known for prowling city streets and taking down villains, he actually has a pretty big heart that comic fans have easily noticed. After all, when asked who the nicest DC character is, Redditor Ludacwees quickly said, “my boy Green Arrow.”

As a man who initially refused to join the Justice League out of concern that it would overlook average civilians, he’s clearly shown that he cares a great deal for the lives of those under his protection. He also often works to discover the underlying causes of any crimes he comes across, so he doesn’t unfairly target those only acting out of necessity.


While Batman is best known for brooding and having extremely dark movies, he isn’t always an angry figure cloaked in black. “Batman can be pretty nice/kind when he’s written correctly,” says Redditor I_eat_mud_. “The times in comics where he’s comforting children in devastating moments of their lives always puts a smile on my face.”

Batman is the same figure who donates millions to Gotham City to ensure that the average people can get the help they need. He also was the first to pay notice to the young and orphaned Dick Grayson, and he took him under his wing specifically to give the boy a chance at a better future than he had. Really, Batman has always been about helping people, and it’s pretty kind of him.


Though best known for her relationship with Nightwing, Starfire is more than just a supporting character. “Starfire’s a good one,” says Reddit user falconinthedive. An experienced Teen Titan who has even led the team, Starfire is often extremely kind to anyone that the team comes across.

Though originally naive about the human world, all of Starfire’s best quotes showcase just how much she loves those around her, making it clear that her naïveté stemmed from her willingness to see the good in people. Rarely one to attack without prompting, she’s proven a wisdom that can only result in extreme kindness.

Connor Hawke

A forgotten sidekick for Green Lantern, Connor has recently made his return to comics and has been proving just how generous and kind he can be, even when he’s being manipulated by a death cult. Raised in a monastery that taught him to respect peace and kindness, Connor reflects those values each time he suits up in the field.

“I would consider Connor Hawke to be one of the nicest characters in DC,” says Reddit user rodney4567. Like his father, the original Green Arrow, Connor is always striving to protect the innocent as best as he can, while also doing his best to take down villains as one of DC’s better martial artists.

Blue Beetle

Though he’s fallen out of relevance with the recent rise of Jaime Reyes as the Blue Bettle, Ted Kord was one of the kindest heroes in comics. Though he was never overwhelmingly popular, he was always happy to help his fellow heroes as well as he could. “Blue Beetle seems like a nice guy,” says Reddit user Ludacwees.

Having turned his close relationship with Booster Gold into one of the Justice League’s best relationships, Ted proved capable of getting along with anyone. When dealing with younger heroes, like the Wonder Twins, he was always friendly and did his best to seem approachable and helpful. It really showed just how nice Ted could be.


A child granted the powers of gods, Shazam could have become a monster with ease. Instead, he has always proven kind to kids and adults alike. “He’s easily the nicest of the bunch. He’s shown to be nicer than any other JL member repeatedly. How nice he is, is the sole reason for him becoming Captain Marvel,” says Redditor max_vette.

While he isn’t the most experienced superhero, he makes up for it by being approachable and friendly to all newcomers and fellow heroes. He’s often even kind to his villains and tries his best to keep from alienating any other heroes, even as he tries his best to hide his identity.

Wonder Woman

Though she is most often known for being one of the strongest female characters in the DC universe, Wonder Woman is also an incredibly nice hero. She’s so widely known for her kindness that she was granted the chance to become the leader of the Star Sapphires, a group of lanterns powered solely by love.

“Wonder Woman had a whole island just for rehabilitation,” says Redditor Obskuro. “It’s a bit sad that this aspect got lost in newer iterations in favor of her martial prowess.” While it’s certainly excellent that she’s as powerful as she is, it would be nice to see the movies touch on her kindness as often as the comics do, while also maintaining her strength.

The Flash

Regardless of who wears the mantle, the Flash always tends to be one of the kindest heroes around. Whether it’s Wally West, Barry Allen, or even Jay Garrick, “The Flash is one of the few heroes that takes the time to rehabilitate his villains,” says this Reddit user. After all, many of those villains turn into his friends.

Though he occasionally causes major problems like Flashpoint, it tends to be entirely unintentional, as the Flash is just trying to do the right thing to ensure the people around him will be okay. His heart always tends to be in the right place, and he’s always willing to sacrifice himself to save the day, as fans saw with Wally West in Young Justice.


One of DC’s most powerful characters, Superman isn’t just a bright suit and a set of exceptionally powerful abilities. “As long as he’s being written correctly. Superman is supposed to be the frame of reference all superheroes should aspire to be,” says Reddit user DrRagnorocktopus.

Always someone willing to see the good in people, Superman wants nothing more than to see the people of Earth safe and happy. Despite having the power to save countless lives with a flick of his hand, he talks people off of ledges, befriends photographers, and is an excellent and compassionate father and hero. Truly, he really is one of the greats.


The hero that stands above the rest as DC’s kindest, Nightwing has always been the symbol of light and hope in the DC universe, even when he was wearing tights and calling himself Robin. “Even Clark has admitted to looking up to Dick, even asked Dick to be his son’s mentor,” says Redditor Anarkizttt.

Once gifted a vast fortune, Nightwing elected to spend it on feeding the hungry, rather than enriching himself. In fact, he often trusts the people of his city implicitly and is always compassionate to those who need it, even if it can put him at risk. There’s a reason Batman elected to trust him as the first Robin, and it’s because Nightwing has always been Batman’s light.

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