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Gigi Hadid Gives Rare Update on “Genius” Daughter Khai With Zayn Malik

Khai’s mom is sharing more about their life together. 

Gigi Hadid gave an update on how her motherhood journey with baby Khai has been going, as seen in an interview with Sunday TODAY airing on Sept. 11. During the model’s chat with Willie Geist, Gigi gushed about how active the 24-month-old already is. 

“I think she’s a genius,” she said of her daughter with Zayn Malik during an advanced clip of the interview. “But I think that’s what everyone says about their kid.”

Gigi added, “It’s so much fun. The more that she talks, and understands, and remembers, it just gets more and more fun. And she’s a blessing.”

Although raising her daughter is fun, she admitted that there is one part of Khai growing up that’s been a bit hard to wrap her head around

“She’s so mobile, from so early in the morning,” Gigi shared. “So mobile. Jumping off things. Very brave, which is great, but you know.”

She explained that she and her baby girl are “practicing doing dangerous things carefully,” adding, “That’s what I’m going to go for.”



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