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10 Best Episodes, According to IMDb

In a recent interview with MovieWeb, Solar Opposites co-creator Mike McMahan stated that the upcoming fourth season of the Hulu animated comedy will look like an office comedy. Despite this, McMahan says fans shouldn’t worry about that tag, as “Terry and Korvo cannot commit to getting that right.”

Within its first three seasons, Solar Opposites has offered lots of laughs and fun for viewers who follow the alien family that crash-landed on Earth and are forced to make a living there. The Hulu sitcom has already aired some fantastic individual episodes that have been lauded on IMDb, a trend fans hope continues with the show’s fourth season.


10 The Cubic Lattice Crystallizer – 8.1

Celebrating one hundred days without getting into a fight, the Solar-Opposites go on vacation to Little Mountain Lake while the inhabitants of The Wall attempt to reconnect their power source after they lose power.

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“The Cubic Lattice Crystallizer” has everything that fans of Solar Opposites love. Not only is it packed with the usual wit and reference humor that the Solar-Opposites employ, it also donates a healthy amount of time to the fan-favorite subplot in The Wall, the contraption where Yumyulack puts shrunken humans who have annoyed him.

9 The Rays That Turn People Into Various Things – 8.1

“The Rays That Turn People Into Various Things” starts off exactly how many fans of the sci-fi adult cartoon would want: an intense mosquito chase in The Wall. Despite this, however, the episode focuses mostly on the Solar-Opposites as Jesse tries to train the rest of them to be nice to others, only for it to backfire, as the threat of their rays was the only thing keeping the town kind.

While the main plot following the alien family is fairly standalone in this episode, the subplot within The Wall is a direct continuation of the last, showing Cherie and Halk Hogam post-fixing the electricity as they attempt to get back to the upper levels. This episode also gives fans a cliffhanger, with the two inhabitants falling down a hole to darkness in the final shot.

8 The Emergency Urbanizer – 8.1

In the fifth-to-last episode in the second season of Solar Opposites, main characters Korvo and Terry look to take Yumyulack and Jesse to a summer camp to get them out of their hair during the summer months. On the way, however, the entire family gets lost in the woods.

After being lost for two months, Korvo and Yumyulack decide to use their emergency urbanizer, a device that causes a city to spring up from the ground in the forest. After this, the family goes on to try to get enough money to find where they parked their car and get home, leading to all sorts of adventures for the four Solar-Opposites.

7 Terry And Korvo Get In A Big Screaming Fight In The Taco Bell Parking Lot – 8.3

Despite the long and Shlorpian-involved title, “Terry And Korvo Get In A Big Screaming Fight In The Taco Bell Parking Lot” follows the titular aliens very little. The main premise of the episode is a previously untouched subplot following the happenings of Glen after he was shot into space by Korvo earlier in the season.

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This new storyline was a welcome sight for fans, as many were wondering if Glen’s story would continue after he was disposed of by Korvo. The episode also takes a couple of looks at The Wall to see how Cherie and Halk are faring, much to the delight of viewers invested in the B-plot.

6 99 Ships – 8.4

The sixth episode of season 3 of the adult cartoon, “99 Ships” tells the tale of the other 99 ships that escaped Planet Shlorp when it was destroyed. This episode answers a question that looms throughout the series, as fans had long wondered what happened to all the other ships in the opening credit scene.

When the Solar-Opposites have their computer tell them about how the other ships are doing, they decide to do it in style, laying in bed in Chicago Bears jerseys like the grandson in The Princess Bride. This continues the show’s pop culture references, a favorite aspect among fans.

5 Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer – 8.4

“Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer” ended the inaugural season of Solar Opposites with a bang, with ominous changing of colors for the Pupa, and a trip into the past. The episode kicks off with Korvo and Terry traveling back in time to get information on the Pupa after he turns orange.

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This trip leads to a time-altered presence in which they are rooming with an annoying Shlorpian named Vanbo, so they have to go back to change things back to normal. This episode plays out hilariously, and leaves the intrigue of the color change of the Pupa to purple, setting up mystery going into the second season.

4 The Solar Opposites Almost Get An Xbox – 8.4

The finale of the second season of Solar Opposites was well received, getting a solid 8.4 rating on IMDb. The episode sees the demise of the Solar-Opposites, as the Pupa’s change in color to light blue signals that they will all die at midnight.

To finish out their lives in a fulfilled manner before they die, they decide to go to Brazil and coach an underdog water-polo team to a championship. The seeming end of the Solar-Opposites and their attempts to find fulfillment are hilarious, and it’s a beloved season ending for fans of the series.

3 Hululand – 8.5

The Solar-Opposites are going to Hululand! The fourth episode of the latest season of Solar Opposites, “Hululand” is a sneaky trick by the creators, indicating that it was going to focus on the Solar-Opposites trip when it’s really another intense episode about the happenings in The Wall.

The episode starts with a super excited Terry ready to go to Hululand, an amusement park that requires the characters to name-drop various Hulu shows to watch when they talk about it. This is nothing but a quick tease, however, and the episode goes on to follow Cherie, Tim, and the others in The Wall.

2 The Unlikely Demise Of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass – 9.1

One of only two episodes with an IMDb score of over 9.0, “The Unlikely Demise of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass” is a favorite for its continuation of the story of The Wall. It continues from the first introduction of The Wall in season 1, where viewers learn it’s a terrarium full of captives who live mostly off candy from Jesse and are controlled by the Duke.

This full-episode installation of The Wall plotline did not disappoint fans, as they see Cherie get thrown out of The Wall and run into the Duke while finding food. The two get to talking and realize it was Tim who was the villain this whole time, and they start working together to survive outside The Wall.

1 Terry And Korvo Steal A Bear – 9.4

The highest-rated episode of Solar Opposites is the height of rebellion in The Wall. This episode sees Tim, who has been imprisoned and tortured on order of the tyrannical Duke, look to lead a rebellion and free The Wall from the Duke’s rule.

While this rebellion of epic proportions is taking place throughout the episode, Korvo and Terry are simply trying to steal a bear from the zoo, and are seen in the background tussling at various points in the episode. The Wall subplot, however, is the star, and the love fans have for it leads to its incredible 9.4 rating on IMDb.

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