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10 TV Characters That Get Too Much Hate, According To Reddit

House of the Dragon is in full-swing now, and the many characters are beginning to have their personalities and goals more richly developed. This is bound to lead to audiences picking sides, as fully intended by the creators, of who they will be rooting for as the series continues on. Much like in Game of Thrones, some characters will be lauded for their actions and some will be decried.

And there are of course many who are already receiving an overabundance of hate, to the point that other viewers are taking to Reddit to defend the actions of characters like King Viserys and Alicent Hightower. Television history is full of characters, who while disreputable at times, received more animosity than they deserved.


10 Karen Filippelli (The Office)

The main love story of The Office was always between Jim and Pam. The series started with their “will they won’t they” romance, and the first three seasons kept producing new obstacles to stand in the way of the character ever getting together.

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One of these was Karen Filippelli who started dating Jim in Season 3, to the anger of many fans who disliked that she had come out of nowhere and stole the man from Pam. Redditor krisfunk27 was confused by this anger, “All she did was be interested in Jim, who at the time had nothing to do with Pam.” Since Jim and Karen started dating in Stamford, she ever would have known about Pam.

9 Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants)

One Reddit user claims that too much hate is given to the butt of many jokes in the animated Spongebob Squarepants. VisitSecure writes, “He’s just trying to live his life but Spongebob always has to ruin it. I just feel so bad for him.”

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Squidward is often the victim of Spongebob and Patrick Star’s naivety. He is one of the few adults in all of Bikini Bottom so whenever he comes into contact with one of the character’s crazy schemes, he usually comes out worse for it. His dislike of Spongebob and buzz-kill attitude is a result of just trying to live a normal life with crazy people for neighbors.

8 Diane Nguyen (BoJack Horseman)

Diane is one of the most human characters on a show crammed with very real and honest portrayals of humanity – even if many of those characters are actually animals. However, Diane gets quite a lot of hate from viewers who think she can come off as whiny and self-centered.

Redditor GodlessOx defends the character and writes, “She’s the most… real and relatable character on the show, and the one to change the most for the positive…” It’s true that for all her complaining and preoccupation with her own life and goals, Diane recognizes the parts of her that she wants to fix and then actually does so. It’s a unique character arc in BoJack Horseman, a show with many damaged characters.

7 Betty Draper (Mad Men)

The characters in Mad Men are all varieties of narcissists and classist people emblematic of the kind of Americans involved in the high stakes world of advertising in the 1960s. The series depicts the difficult societal rules of the decade and how they changed over the years. One of these characters, Betty Draper, is the stereotypical stay at home housewife of Don Draper.

Snobby and rich, many fans of the show detested the sometimes too-real character. But Redditor fruit_cats writes, “I see her story more of a woman trapped than anything else.” Betty lives her life exactly as Don wants her too, as most women did at the time. It’s not always her fault she behaves like a rich wife was supposed to.

6 Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

Reddit user nascentia puts it best when they post, “Skyler White from Breaking Bad gets WAY too much hate.” In that Redditor’s comment, they are defending from a very common criticism of Breaking Bad that boils down to a deep dislike of Skyler White by some louder members of the fan base.

As the protagonist, many viewers end up sympathizing with Walter White and therefore dislike Skyler for holding him back and not appreciating everything he has done for the family. But on closer inspection, it is clear Skyler is a victim of Walter’s ambition and narcissism. She is blackmailed into silence and cooperation and her story is of a woman struggling to protect her family from its “protector”.

5 Sansa Stark (Game Of Thrones)

Sometimes feelings for a character that start early in the series linger long past the character growing. One user on Reddit, Myfourcats1, writes, “She is a teenage girl…. Not every girl or woman has to prove something…. The poor girl had a terrible learning experience. All of her dreams were crushed.” In Game of Thrones, Sansa’s actions in the first few seasons color many fans’ feelings on the character for the series.

She may act bratty early in the series, but like the poster says, she is only a teenager. Sansa may have had to write a letter for Cersei, but her hand was forced. She is a young girl trapped in King’s Landing with no friends. Her ability to stay alive and make it out of the series with the Stark House intact is admirable.

4 Ross (Friends)

Every fan has a favorite on Friends. Redditor BooshAC defends a one of the six who is most often picked on, “Ross from Friends. He has some ‘nice guy’ attributes sure, but all of the Friends have flaws.” David Schwimmer plays the most neurotic of the cast who often earns the ire of the fan base for his strange mannerisms.

The character certainly has some off the wall bits and the weird decisions he makes, particularly in regard to his love life can be frustrating. But he is still a fully realized character who can be clever and intelligent and still funny enough to hang with the group.

3 Peggy Hill (King Of The Hill)

The personalities on King of the Hill can hit so close to home sometimes that it’s easy to see why people would hate on the more annoying characters. Redditor phalseprofits answers the question of who receives too much hate with, “Peggy Hill makes so many people angry… but she isn’t malicious. She’s just kind of dumpy and annoying.”

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Many fans of the show dislike the know-it-all teacher character who actually doesn’t have much common sense herself, everyone has someone like that in their life. But this user makes a good point that it isn’t enough to make people hate her so much, and besides she always provides plenty of laughs.

2 Olly (Game Of Thrones)

Olly on Game of Thrones received a huge amount of hate from the fan base. Some tongue-in-cheek but much of it sincere. Redditor NiamhHA makes a case for how he isn’t so bad, saying, “Literally everyone he grew up with… were unjustly killed by wildlings. He finds safety in the Nights Watch, and probably gets attached to them…. He decided to defend his new family, by sacrificing one member.”

In the series it seems like Olly betrays the only man who took care of him after his family was killed, when he stabbed John Snow. But in reality, Olly probably saw Snow as the betrayer. He has seen atrocities the wildlings have committed first hand and now his leader is helping him. It’s no wonder Olly feels the need to stop him.

1 Scrappy-Doo (Scooby-Doo)

Scrappy-Doo was hated from the moment he was created for the Hanna-Barbera tv show. Fans did not appreciate a transparent attempt to boost ratings at a time when the Scooby-Doo cartoon was having trouble with its ratings. In fact, the 2002 Scooby-Doo film has Scrappy as the secret main antagonist in response to the historic fan reactions.

But one Redditor thinks the hate is too much. This unknown poster writes, “…after 15 years of the same old TV Show Scrappy brought something new to the table and made some of the worst Scooby material watchable…” Scrappy definitely offered a shake-up to an old formula by creating a character who would run head on into the monsters rather than away.

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